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Our Services.

At EasyStreet, we endeavour to take the guess work out of achieving your financial goals. We ensure that we keep ahead of the game and are always looking for more ways that we can assist our clients achieve their goals. Below is a snapshot of a few of the ways that we are able to assist you. If you are in doubt about where to start, our advice is to make contact with us first and we'll see what we can do to assist you. 


First Home - Getting your deposit together can be hard. We can assist you to build up your deposit quickly. In some circumstances you might be eligible for certain schemes aimed at getting you in your first home. We can assist you in navigating the process and getting into your first home sooner. 

New Homes - Looking to upsize, downsize or looking for a top-up? Our access to multiple lenders including non-bank lenders can ensure that you achieve your goals. If you are wanting to retain your existing home, we have options for you too! 

Investment Properties - We can assist you in unlocking your potential to purchase an investment property, improve the value of your existing investment properties and gain the correct structure for your investment property. 

Business Finance - We can help you gain finance for anything business related, whether it is a new business purchase, working capital or purchasing a new piece of equipment we can assist you. 

Vehicle Finance - We can assist you in purchasing a car for personal or business purchases. We have access to lenders at extremely competitive rates backed by our superior client service. 


Personal Risk Insurance.

Life Cover - Protection against the event of untimely death. Did you know that life insurance only covers you in the event of death and in some cases in the event of terminal illness. That's why at EasyStreet we believe in full financial advice. That means when you meet with an EasyStreet adviser you are made aware of all of the other ways that we are able to assist you in protecting and maintaining dignity when things don't go your way. 

Income Cover - Protection for your Income against sickness, disability or redundancy. We work with New Zealand's lead insurance providers to ensure that you have access to the very best and most up to date policies to respond to your needs. 

Trauma/Critical Illness Cover - Suffering a serious critical illness or disability. Our providers are at the forefront of ensuring that as medical science improves there are more and more ways that you can be paid. Whether it is the big three (heart attack, stroke or cancer) there are a multitude of other conditions that can be covered under trauma/critical illness cover. 

Permanent Disability Insurance - Suffering a permanent disability can be a massive game changer. Some believe that it can be worse than death as you are still alive but unable to earn the money that you require to live a life with dignity. Relying on the state can be okay for some but in this modern age most  aspire to more than just relying on government support. That's where Total Permanent Disability insurance along side the other covers provided can assist. It can ensure that your expenses are reduced by paying off your debts and making any necessary improvements to your accommodation to ensure that you can exist with dignity


Health Insurance - Protection for you and your families private healthcare. We work with New Zealand's best health insurance providers to ensure that you are covered where the public system does not provide timely or appropriate response. 



KiwiSaver - Saving for retirement with New Zealand’s most popular scheme. Not sure how much you have, or which provider has your money?





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