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About Us

EasyStreet was founded with a vision of creating a one stop advice company that ensures great advice with ease. Achieving your financial goals may be can be hard and when you are on your own it is never easy. The team at EasyStreet aims to take the guesswork out of what it takes to achieve your goals. When it comes to finance we work hard to ensure that we are ahead of the game, keeping up to date with developments in lending that ensures that our clients needs are taken care of. 


When you are working with any member of the EasyStreet team you are getting the collective experience of every member. In this day and age the old mortgage broker working out of his or her back shed finds it hard to keep up and that's why you want to be working with a group that keeps ahead of the curve.


We work from a central Christchurch location, where we strive to create an accessible and inviting environment where you can be assured of your next step.  


All members of the EasyStreet Team have come together through a shared interest in ensuring great outcomes for their clients through superior client service. 


All EasyStreet members come from varied walks of life, Lem, Vipin and Cameron met through the IT industry having successful careers within. Lem left IT set up a logistics company for a national operator. Brian, Gareth and Cameron met while Cameron was working for a finance industry support company. Brian and Gareth brought years of experience in financial advice companies both working in banking and insurance prior having worked in roles with major New Zealand and trans-tasman banking and insurance institutions. 

The EasyStreet family has helped hundreds of Kiwis with their big dream of home ownership.

We're a one stop shop for all your financial needs. First we arrange your Mortgage, we protect it, then we help you save for retirement.

Education is our mission. To provide a guided path to those who want success but understand the hard work and leadership it takes to get there. We don’t promise fantasies but set realisable goals and to help you unlock your potential.

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